Celebrate your food accomplishments, no matter how small they seem.

At the time of writing, I’m celebrating a food milestone for myself. I managed to perfect a Hollandaise sauce 🙂

It might sound like a small thing, but I’ve never managed to get a sauce that didn’t split or one that tasted quite right, but today I did and it made a fantastic accompaniment to the fish.

For me this is a food accomplishment, a step on my food journey, and I’m very proud of it. As we learn to cook and improve, it’s important to recognise these steps because they make the challenges worth it.

Learning from your mistakes is crucial, it’s true. The only way you perfect poached eggs is by turning them into inedible golf balls. You make great steak by overcooking your first one so it has the texture of a singed flip flop.

It’s rarely talked about that celebrating your successes is just as important. Instagram is still mocked for its indulgence, but honestly, does it matter? I am biased it’s true, but as a cook, celebrating my success with my own community, no matter how small is a valuable part of my progression as a cook.

It pushes me forward. The next thing. Always trying a new presentation. Making new recipes. Improvising and experimenting. It’s made me a much more interesting cook for sure.

Family and friends remain the heart and soul of celebrating your milestones. They are with you through all the meltdowns over messed up meals, pushing you to keep trying. And when you win, they win with you.

Food is a communal activity (I often say cooking is my only communal skill) and, as such, sharing it is what makes it worth it. There’s honestly no greater feeling than sharing something you’re proud of with the people you love and seeing them enjoy it. They know how many eggs you had to crack to make that perfect omelette (or Hollandaise in my case).

So learn from your mistakes, but don’t forget your successes either. There was a time when you literally couldn’t fry an egg. If you’re just starting out, trust me it gets easier, and if you’re further on in your culinary journey, remember your successes, they’re important for your growth as a chef and as a person.

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