Do the French really know best?

Hi all!

This is hopefully the first of many blog posts from momscomingfordinner! I’m hoping to update the blog bi-weekly (but we’ll see what the real world has to say about that) so stay tuned!

I wanted my first post to be about something that’s hotly debated to this day in the food world, from home cooks to Michelin-starred chefs. Does France really have the best food in the world? And since I just got back from holiday in Nice, now seemed like the perfect time to talk about it.

Now, let me start of by saying anyone talking about this is going to be biased. We all like to be the best and that often extends to our countries. I’m English, so bare that in mind.

For me, the argument of ‘is my country’s food better that yours’ really comes down to two things: the culture around food, and the ingredients available to the budding chef doing the cooking.

Just reading that, it’s obvious France has both in droves. I’ve spent the summer in a small town outside of Paris and what amazed me the most was the way food was such an important part of the day. Everyone went and got bread from the baker, supermarkets were stocked with fantastic produce at all price points and people bonded over their meals.

That’s the crux of it for me, the bonding experience that food provides there. It was such an integral part of the day. No one eats mindlessly staring at the TV, food is a family event.

But, a lot of places do this you say? Food is a major part of South American culture too? Of Pacific Islander culture? Or East Asian Culture? Why is it only recognised in France?

Perhaps they do it better than the rest? Perhaps not, that’s for you to decide. I want to talk about part two; the ingredients.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me if I say, France has some of the best ingredients in the world. I mentioned it earlier, but I’ll say it again. Even the produce in the supermarkets is pretty good, much better than we get here in the UK.

Abundancy leads to experimentation and France has practically everything it could want.

So, France is great. But does it deserve the title of the food capital of the world? Honestly, I don’t know. It’s a western-centric idea and I think that they could reasonably claim; food capital of the west.

Everywhere has great food. Every culture has something to offer the culinary world, and the obsession to rank them overlooks the diversity of each of them. For me, France makes the best food, and they did create a lot of the techniques and institutions that we still use to train and rank chefs in the Western world.

However; that’s not what food is about. It’s about enjoyment. So go! Eat what you want! Try everything! Fancy can mean French, but it doesn’t have too 😉

I will say though, the seafood I had in Nice was some of the best I’ve had…

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